Below are a few issues that I will work on when I am elected to the senate (in no particular order) that concern the people of WV. If you have any suggestions or want to add something to this list please feel free to contact us. Check back often!


  1. Ending qualified immunity for law enforcement and public officials. ( everyone is treated the same under the law)
  2. De-criminalize cannabis.
  3. Force banks to follow the FCCA and prevent them from debiting your account first for charged fees. (require them to bill you and follow the proper collection route)
  4. Cut government spending and eliminate subsidies. (only spend money on programs that benefit all West Virginians)
  5. Eliminate the state income and property tax. ( NO TAX INCREASES)
  6. Nullify federal laws that are not constitutional. (10th amendment)
  7. End mandatory vaccinations. (Parents rights first)
  8. End mandatory school attendance. (Parents rights first)
  9. Restore rights to felons after they have paid their debt to society.
  10. Prevent the federal govt. from sending refugees to WV.
  11. Extradite any illegal aliens from WV. (illegals drain the resources of our state and take jobs from West Virginians.)
  12. Remove “collective Punishment” from WV schools. This only promotes bulling, punish the perpetrator, not the whole!
  13. Create legislation to eliminate over enforcement of laws by  municipalities. (This creates a situation were a municipality has an incentive to over enforce laws to collect more revenue. Legislation that would require fines/fees to be paid to the victim or a charity would eliminate this incentive)
  14. Remove other states ability to collect traffic fines/fees without a court hearing in WV. (some traffic laws in other states violate the constitution or are frivolous attempts to collect more revenue and WV should not allow them to victimize our citizens).

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