Second Amendment was written to protect the citizenry from being disarmed.

USA Constitution Parchment

Kieth Morgan of the WVCDL, explains the second amendment.

I support and defend our constitution. The second amendment is not to protect hunting. Kieth makes many good points here, read the Federalist papers number 46, Madison clearly spells out the purpose of the second amendment. The ludicrous notion "we" should have Nuclear weapons, is foolish. Nukes are a WMD deterrent against other nations and would never be used against the populous. You cant enslave a vaporized people.The notion that military and law enforcement should be your only defense to life is ignorant. You have the right to life! The right to defend that life, with an equivalent weapon a perpetrator may use to take it! Including your own government.

The rocket launcher discussion is also foolish. Our founders had access to canons when they wrote out constitution. Did they spell out "arms" or "guns"?